Compulsory Medical Checks For Border Transporters

The goal is safeguarding the health of citizens by avoiding the propagation of the virus.

All drivers transporting goods along the borders of Cameroon-Gabon are subjected to medical checks each time of crossing the border. This is in compliance with the instructions of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, current President of the Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) Heads of State, for trade to continue within member countries without prejudice to the health check of drivers. As a result, medical teams are placed at the borders (Kye-Ossi and Abang Minko'o) with Gabon to check cargo trucks getting into the country with commercial goods. Their temperatures are taken each time they are leaving or entering the country. The medical team told CT the objective is to safeguard the health of citizens and avoid the importation of the virus into the county since the drivers come in contact with several persons while in Gabon to deliver the goods.
One of the drivers plying the Libreville-Kye-Ossi highway, Patrick Ndongmo said all passes well between both countries as the measures are being respected. "We are examined while leaving Cameroon and equally when entering the country. Gabon too has medical teams installed at their borders and they also examine us before we get into their country. We are examined each time we cross any of the borders," he stated. All drivers are disinfected and lectured on the coronavirus with is posing global health challenges. Patrick equally said with information on preventing the spread of the virus made available on visible positions at the border, it makes it easier for them to practice and familiarize themselves with the measures. The habit of shaking hands, he said, no longer exists amongst them. 
On his part, Charles Eto’o Engo, an economic operator who has three cargo trucks which export cassava, plantains, irish potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beans to Gabon said all his collaborators are well informed about the virus and respect prescribed sanitary conditions. "The trucks I hire and use for transportation are always clean, likewise my drivers. They have been well educated on the pandemic. I always tell them to collaborate and allow medical officers examine them because it is for their own good," he stated. According to his worries, the only problem they have as traders is the stipulated time for the entry and exit of goods. "Things are not easy but we have to respect the texts. If they tell us not to cross the border, we will not. We have been made to understand the measures are intended to curb the spread of the virus and should everything be respected, then all will be well in no time," Charles stated.
Every cargo truck has on board at most three persons comprising the driver, proprietor of the goods and a handyman popular called 'motor boy'. Some trucks have either only the driver alone or the driver and one other person. But the limit does not go beyond three.  Gabonese drivers on their part are not accorded stay on Cameroonian territory for more than 24 hours. When they get into Cameroon at 8am when the borders are opened, they are expected to leave by 6pm same day when the borders are opened again. 



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