Border Control : Medical Team At Work

Persons entering or leaving Cameroon from or to Gabon are subjected to strict medical checks.

Medical personnel are permanently stationed at the borders of Cameroon with Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to guarantee the safety of persons getting into the country. This is to ensure the virus does not spread to citizens of the South Region. 
The medical team at the Kye-Ossi border with Cameroon was installed since March 13, 2020 as a preventive mechanism and reinforced following the measures prescribed by the Head of State. Ella Ella Antione, a State Registered Nurse and his colleague Simon Etong arrive at the border post at 7am in the morning and leave at 7pm. They examine all persons from Gabon getting into Cameroon for trading. Ella Ella Antione said a total of 402 persons have been examined with no positive case of the coronavirus recorded. Those examined are cargo truck drivers and the business persons who own the goods. Generally, each cargo truck has at most three persons on board. "Business persons coming from Yaounde and Douala are checked at the District Medical Centre before they cross the border to Gabon. Other transporters who have a temperature of more than 38° are sent for proper medical follow up," he explained.
The same medical checkup procedure goes on at Abang Minko'o in Ntem Valley Division of the South Region border with Gabon. The stationed medical personnel say with the border zone not being so busy as the case with Kye-Ossi, the number of persons examined are not many. At the border with Equatorial Guinea, the medical staff led by Francis Bidoung, a State Registered Nurse, not many persons use the border. Since the announcement, he noted, those who have been examined are Cameroonians from Equatorial Guinea who expressed their will to return back to Cameroon. He said an average of four persons a day returned to Cameroon from Equatorial Guinea but the number has reduced. "One Cameroonian had a high temperature but when referred to the hospital, it was discovered it was malaria," he stated, adding there is almost no movement at the borders between Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea but they are still there. 
At the District Medical Center, the Chief Medical Doctor, Dr. Abondo Ebengue, said two major measures have taken at their level to curb the spread of the virus. "We have secured an isolation ward with a capacity of containing six persons at a time and a consultation ward. Another measure is the installation of medical teams at the border points," he explained. The medical doctor said no positive or suspected case has been registered thus far. However, he noted, one or two cases of high fever have been recorded but were quickly contained. 
Meantime, sensitisation continues to all persons crossing the borders and the general population. Hands and vehicles of all transporters are sanitized and lectures OB personal sanitation repeated to them. Posters on the coronavirus are put up in several places to ensure the massage gets to the maximum number of people. Water and soup are made available at the borders and hospitals for the washing of hands. Every vehicle entering into the town of Ebolowa is disinfected and the temperatures of passengers taken. All these measures are to stop the spread of the virus so that activities can return to normal within the shortest possible time.



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