Honourable Etombi Ikome Gladys: “We Are Happy With The Results”

Honourable Etombi Ikome Gladys, MP Fako East Constituency, talks on the 2016 Women's AFCON in Limbe.


As Chair of the AFCON Village Committee in Limbe, how are you living the competition?

We are a committee of 10 and we are sharing our work to take care of all aspects of culture, arts and everything concerned with exhibitions here. I go to the field when there are matches and I am at the AFCON Village during recess. We encourage everyone to go to the Omnisports stadium when there are matches.

It is interesting to know that even when people leave the stadium they still come to the AFCON village to relax. After the stadium we have activities of animation and exhibition. I think I saw your SOPECAM Stand here together with the Ministry of Communication. So, we have to organize people to have the fun and fill of their stay here.

Which Team are you supporting during this AFCON?

Naturally, my team is the Lionesses. I am cheering them to victory. We are happy with the results we are having.  It is really a big feast. I took permission from Parliament to be here and I am also in liaison with them. You know if you represent people you must know what they enjoy and provide it for them.  We watch live broadcast from Yaounde here and we cheer the Lionesses.

What is your Philosophy of these games?

To me, it is a matter of fair play. The best team can win provided they merit. What the people enjoy with sports is good performance. And I think we are having it. The FIFA and CAF are all for fair play.




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