Reconstruction Of NW/SW Regions : PM Appoints Frontline Leaders

In on Order signed on April 3, 2020, Joseph Dion Ngute laid down the organic framework for the implementation of the presidential plan for the reconstruction of the two regions.

Fast-tracking development in the crisis affected regions of the North West and South West Regions through the implementation of recommendations of the Major National Dialogue remains the priority of government. It is therefore within this context that on April 3, 2020, the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute appointed the National Coordinator and Deputy National Coordinator of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions, abbreviated as PPRD-NW/SW.  Current Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Paul Tasong is the National Coordinator and former mayor of Kumbo Council, Donatus Njong is the Deputy. 
Placed under the supervision of the Prime Minister, the plan aims at realising projects in the two regions focusing on rehabilitation and development of basic infrastructure, economic revitalization and the promotion of social cohesion. The order signed by the Prime Minister has 22 articles and highlights the missions of the coordination plan. Within the framework of PPRD-NW/SW, other sub bodies like the Steering Committee, National Coordination, Reginal Follow-up Committees and the Implementing Partner are created for efficient and effective work. 
Article seven of the order says the operational body charged with monitoring of the implementation process of PPRD-NW/SW shall be National Coordination. As such, it shall elaborate the action plan and the annual work plan to be submitted to the Steering Committee for approval, organize and monitor the mobilisation of resources for the implementation of PPRD-NW/SW and act as an interface with relevant State services as needed to facilitate the realisation of its mission. As per final provisions, the resources allocated to the implementation of PPRD-NW/SW shall consist allocations from the State budget, contributions from technical and financial partners, and donations and legacies. 
Article 22 of the Prime Minister’s order states that structures dedicated to the implementation of PPRD-NW/SW shall be automatically dissolved at the end of the execution of the programme. With the leaders appointed and mission outlined, it is hoped working together with concerned partners, the affected regions will be timely developed for emergence. 



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