Douala : Door to door Screening Campaign Launched

Over 1200 community health agents have been recruited to carry out the exercise in the Littoral region.

The door to door campaign for the screening of covid 19 has been launched in the littoral region, The campaign that was launched on Sunday April 5, 2020 was a rare moment for the medical personal present to sensitized the public on the coronavirus and to elaborate on the importance of screening. It came out from the launching ceremony that over 1.200 community health agents have been mobilized to carry out the door to door screening exercise in the entire region. As to how the screening will be done, the Permanent Secretary General in the Programme for the Vaccination and Fight Against the corona virus, Dr Hassan Ben said a special application will be installed in the mobile telephone of the community health agents who will also go around with a questioner which will be used in each household. With the information gathered then we will know if there is a suspected case or not and thereby proceed with the screening. He added that there  are two principle actors who have to facilitate the exercise that is the community health agent and the rapid intervention unit of the health district both teams will be working hand in glove  to identify suspected cases. He said in the event of  a suspected case , the community health agent will  immediately relay the information to the  rapid intervention health unit who will in turn  take the patient to the laboratory for testing. He made it clear that suspected cases can now be tested in La qauntinine hospital in Douala.

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 To him, the door to door campaign is a strategy that has been put in place in other to identity corona virus cases within the community.  Adding that there might be  cases within the community but has not been identified since they have not been tested or screened. The exercise, Dr Hassan Ben went on, will permit the health team to do a general control of the situation. In effect,  he said, each community health agent has to scrupulously  move within the  neighborhood  and do proper screening. It is high time everybody collaborate with the different teams at their disposal so as to kick out corona from the littoral region and Cameroon as a whole.

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