Yaounde : A Girl Found Dead In The Well

The discovery was done last Saturday in Nkomo neighbourhood.

After three days of search, Esther, a Masters 2 student in the University of Yaounde I was finally found in a well at the Limba family house. Hard but true for the victim and her close, the corpse of the young lady was already decaying.
On March 31, 2020, Esther left her house located in Nkondengui to go and give home classes to Prince Limba, her student who turned out to be her murder. As usual, she was correcting the exercises left a day before with aim of making him better understand the lessons, but that day she could never imagine that it was going to be the last correction. She realised that her student had not done the exercise correctly as she recommended and started addressing him ‘’fool’’, ‘’idiot’’, ‘’dull’’, and finally said ‘’you don’t understand anything. It is the reason you repeat the class’’ according to what the suspected murderer said when he was confessing to the gendamerie. The young man said he angrilly stood up, went to the kitchen, brought a knife from there and once the girl returned, he did not give her a minute to escape and directly stabbed her twice in the heart. She fell without shouting and died immediately. After the act committed between 6 p.m and 7 p.m, he brought the corpse in his room where he enveloped the corpse inside the sheets and he waited until everybody in the house fall asleep; He cleaned the floor and the places where the blood could be found and went behind the house to throw the knife. Around midnight, he brought back the corpse outside and tied it with a big baluster and threw it in the well so that it (corpse) could not come out to the surface.
Day after, the search was launched and he has been questioned about his teacher and he said that he doesn’t know because she left after the lesson. It is three days later that he told to his father, Nestor Limba that he killed Esther and threw the corpse in the well. The father called the gendamerie to come and look at it. The corpse was found and the boy was arrested and taken to Nkomo gendamerie and then transferred to the company where he is awaiting trial. 
Coming from the West region, Esther was buried on Sunday 5th April 2020 morning in presence of her parents, friends and close persons in her village.



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