National Crisis Solidarity Action : Civil Society Condemns Parallel Accounts

While recalling the legal framework which governs the call for public aid, ODS prays the government to bring to book distractors who cannot be allowed to instill discord in the country.

The civil society organisation ‘Observatoire du développement sociétal’ (ODS) has condemned the actions of political parties who opened accounts to collect funds for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Going by the General Coordinator of ODS, Lilian Koulou Engoulou, in his declaration on April 10, 2020 in Yaounde, all efforts need to be channeled at fighting inequality, poverty and combatting the current health challenge with the objective of attaining emergence as stipulated by Vision 2035. According to ODS, some political parties are taking advantage of the global health challenge in which Cameroon is affected to instill social unrest in the country. ODS, he stated, can take legal actions against defaulters of the law who create accounts for the collection of public funds. Lilian Koulou Engoulou in his declaration called on international parties in their measures of supporting government to be more honest in their actions against actors who through various actions threaten the peace of Cameroon. 
On his part, Prof Alphonse Ntoyé, a legal expert who assisted in the declaration said they stand on the side of legality and are against political actors who come up with manipulative tactics. “Crisis communication and management in Cameroon cannot be allowed to instill cacophony in the country. Some political parties want to take advantage of the situation for their gains. There is only one national fund and if they want to contribute to it, it is open to them. The law does not permit parallel actions,&rd...



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