Covid-19 : CRC Deploys Over 1,000 Volunteers

This is with the financial support of the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

The Cameroon Red Cross is amongst the leading not-for-profit organisations in the country combatting the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. More than 1,000 volunteers have been deployed since March 20, 2020 in different regions to sensitise the public on how to checkmate the spread of the disease by washing hands under running water with soap.
According to Olinga Hycinthe of the Communication Department of the Cameroon Red Cross, all this has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF and the technical backing of the Ministry of Public Health. UNICEF has so far offered to the Red Cross for the campaign almost 20,000 kegs and 11,000 buckets, all fitted with taps; 14,400 cartons of average size soap (about 700,000 pieces of soap) and 396 cartons of detergent (almost 500 cans of detergent).
UNICEF has also provided 100 1,000-litre water tanks fitted with taps, which have been installed in Yaounde and Douala to enable members of the public to regularly wash their hands, Olinga disclosed. The Red Cross has reached agreement with Camwater to regularly refill the tanks to ensure constant water supply. 
As from this week, the Cameroon Red Cross will extend its COVID-19 awareness campaign to prisons and orphanages where hand-washing kits, soap and drums for storing water will also be provided. Meanwhile, volunteers have so far administered 350,000 questionnaires on Coronavirus in the country. The feedback has helped in developing new adapted sensitisation messages.         
According to Ebana Rose, leader of the team of Cameroon Red Cross volunteers and First Aid workers deployed adjacent the Yaounde Central Post Office, over 2,000 people have since March 20, 2020 stopped by to wash their hands. “Some people have expressed the wish that the hand-washing kit will still be available after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic,” Ebana told Cameroon Tribune last weekend.



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