Collège de la Retraite: Students Dismissed For Consuming “Marijuana”

After investigations and consultations between the administration of Collége de la Retraite in Yaounde and the parents of three Lower Sixth students, the Disciplinary Council of the institution last month, took the decision to dismiss the three students.

They were involved in drug consumption during a weekend at the Nkoabang neighbourhood in Yaounde. The Pedagogic Adviser of Collége Retraite, Mr Mbou, told Cameroon Tribune that after Saturday classes, the boys spent some time at a popular snack bar in Yaounde and later went to the Nkoabang neighbourhood where they were accompanied by two other boys who are not students of the school.

It was revealed that while at Nkoabang, the boys made their way to a farmland where they consumed what they called “tomatoes,” better known as “Marijuana”. Upon arrival in their different homes, one of the boys started acting like a mad man set on fire. His parents quickly reported the behaviour of their son to the school authorities. Investigations revealed that the boy had consumed “Marijuana”. The school authorities are currently sensitising parents of other students to watch against the use of drugs.





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