North West : Defence Forces Destroy Armed Fighters Camp In Bafut

5th Joint Military and Gendarmerie Commanders size up operation, congratulates soldiers for dislodging armed fighters from Saddle Hill touristic base in Bafut subdivision.

The Commanders of the 5th Joint Military and Gendarmerie Region, Brigadier Generals, Nka Valerie and Ekongwesse Divine on May 1st, 2020 went cheering Defence and Security Forces in Bafut who dislodged armed fighters who had turned the Saddle Hill touristic facility into a base from where they launched attacks and kidnapped citizens in the neighbourhoods of Mezam Division. The six -day field operation led by Col. Matian Charles Alain covered the Bafut neighbourhoods of Manka Nikong, Nsani, Agyati, Mankwi etc. In all, the 5th Joint Military and Gendarmerie Commanders were presented arms and amunition, motorcycles, a Fortuna Toyota SUV car, two horses.  It emerged from the operation's team leader Col. Matian Charles Alain that some 15 armed fighters were neutralized.
Brigadier General,Nka Valere conveyed the special message  of congratulations of the Minister Delegate in charge of Defense and stated the commitment of Defence and Security Forces to continue working to give peace and security a cha...



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