North West : Fertilizer, Pesticides To Revamp Coffee Sector

NWCA on May 2, 2020 handed over the gifts from government to 35,000 member farmers to improve on quality and beat the economic crisis staring them on the face.

All 13 coffee cooperative Unions in the North West region on May 2, 2020 received over 1,000 bags of fertilizers, pesticides, coffee pulpers and highly specialized coffee picking tables to give the coffee sector a fresh push. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, is to thank for the offer which inspires hope for farmers involved in Arabica and Robusta coffee production.
Delivering the farm inputs in Bamenda, the General Manager of the NWCA, Timothy Waindim stressed that the inputs, pulpers and picking tables were funded by the 2019 public investment budget. It emerged from the event that the inputs are a special offer by the government to support the NWCA revamp the coffee sector and enhance the living standards of farmers. On behalf of the NWCA Board of Directors, the President of the Oku Coffee Cooperative Union, Kentum Peter hailed the government's gesture and appealed for the implementation of the restructuring process of NWCA to be fast tracked. NWCA has for about ten years kept the coffees sector alive without any major assistance.
NWCA takes the lead in Arabica coffee production in Cameroon, but the ongoing socio-political and security crisis rocking the region has not helped matters. That is perhaps, why though the quantity of produce is satisfactory, quality is not the best because farmers barely have time to harvest. Farmers at the Bamenda event also took home pesticides among which are Glycot, Glycot P. Rod, Rafale, plsatim, Kakao, staromie. Fertilizers delivered featured NPK 20 10 10, NPK 12 06 29, UREA etc.
Beneficiaries of the farm inputs are some 35,000 peasant coffee farmers, members of the NWCA assembled in 43 cooperative produce marketing societies and 13 secondary cooperative Unions planted in all the seven divisions of the region. Among them are the Awing, Bali, Fundong, Belo, Njinikom, Ndop, Nso, Noni, Oku, Santa/Pinyin cooperative Unions.



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