Golden Opportunity!

At a time jobs are getting scarcer within and without the country given the shutdown or slow in activities; due to the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of Cameroon is giving citizens hope. The decision to launch recruitments; direct and indirect, into the country’s Public Service where over 3,000 jobs are up for clench presents a boulevard of openings that no one can afford to ignore. Golden opportunity indeed!
The 24 direct competitive entrance examinations and seven concerning intake for some professional training institutions across the country gives a leeway for many who are either unemployed or underemployed to attempt meeting their sometimes heart desires. Logically so as employment, especially into the civil service where job security is at least guaranteed, is susceptible to generating job satisfaction needed in anything one does. 
Having an opportunity of securing a job in the present context where many are losing theirs and the few who are able to consolidate the scarce employment are regularly confronting the irreversible choice of pay cuts easily makes the government’s decision near extra-ordinary. Anyone who has never valued what he or she does to make ends meet absolutely needs to do so now for the rate of job loss is high and chances of getting one becoming slimmer as the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic rages one. 
The announced fresh recruitment into the Public Service is coming barely days after the Minister of Basic Education disclosed that in the days or weeks ahead, the list of some 3,000 recruited basic education teachers would be made public. Hope-raising announcements! 
Visibly, the rush for these recruitments is going to be near mad. The competition is no doubt going to be tough. Potential candidates therefore need to exercise diligence so as to live up to the billing. The Minister of Public Service has reiterated that deadlines for the submission of complete application files must be respected. While this remains non-debatable, aspirants must as well ensure that they get the required documents legalised at and by the competent authorities. Anything short of this would be limiting their chances of survival. 
From previous experiences, such competitiveness usually heralds some unusual behaviours –the good, the bad and even the ugly. Stakeholders must do all to nib bad practices in the bud. Sellers of illusion must be prevented from reaping where they have not sown and competitors more than ever before must show proof of foresightedness to avoid falling prey. Watch out!
Only then can the right people be integrated into the right corps to realise the dream for which the varied recruitments are launched. For, recruiting at such a challenging moment is telling of government’s huge sacrifices which can only yield desired dividends from the calibre of people recruited. First and foremost, the recruits are human resources that any system counts on to achieve set goals. As such, there is need to ensure that the operation guarantees the resourcefulness of the employee for his/her carrier growth and more for the good of the national economy. Forfeiting transparency paves the way for the recruitment of liabilities rather than assets that every worker is supposed to be irrespective of where duty calls. 
Spending so much in the fight against the pandemic, striving to ensure territorial integrity from the north, south, east to west and still ascertaining the employability of her citizens is a salutary move from government that should logically be well received and supported by those aspiring for recruitment likewise officials called up to pilot the various operations to the end. Rendering service is to one’s fatherland is always noble and the recruitment guarantees a means of livelihood. These are therefore golden opportunities worth maximising for posterity!



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