Rural Development: SOWEDA To Acquire Equipment

Over FCFA Two Billion has been budgeted to enhance poverty alleviation for 2017.


The South West Development Authority (SOWEDA) has adopted FCFA 2.3 billion as budget for 2017 at its second ordinary session on December 2, 2016 in Mamfe. From this amount, FCFA 922, million is set aside for running cost while FCFA 1,407 million will be used for investment.

Chairing the board session for SOWEDA, Enang James Enang, Inspector No 2 at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said the institution will acquire heavy duty equipment to spearhead rural development in the South West Region. “SOWEDA will go down to the grassroots to realize road infrastructure, provide improved planting material and to ensure that agriculture and rural development is improved upon,” Enang stated.

Among the heavy equipment to be purchased are excavator, compactor, dump trucks, and the grader 140 H. Equipping SOWEDA Training Centre in Kumba and its recently constructed archive at its head office in Buea featured prominently on SOWEDA's plan for 2017. To realise the envisaged projects, SOWEDA is looking up to the Ministries of Finance and that of Agriculture and Rural Development for funding.

SOWEDA's General Manager, Dr. Eneme Andrew Ngome, said the choice of Mamfe for the board meeting out from the head office followed requests by Board Members to avail themselves with some realised projects in the field which a good number are found in Manyu Division. He pointed to the construction of two functional solar powered potable water supply schemes which so far existed only in Manyu Division throughout the South West Region.

The Board Members visited Inokun Village Water Supply Scheme. Ntui Arrey Peter, said they consumed water from doubtful sources before the coming of the scheme. The result, he said, was often stomach ache, typhoid and cholera. “Ever since we had this potable water taps running in our village, the mentioned sicknesses are gone,” he said joyfully.




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