Odza Football Training Centre : Refurbishing Process Opens

The Cameroon Football Federation has launched a tender for the renovating of the football training centre in the suburbs of Yaounde.

The FECAFOOT Training Centre in Odza will soon have a facelift. The Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has opened a tender for the refurbishing of the football training centre in the suburbs of Yaounde. According to the contents the official website of FECAFOOT, the tender is opened to the public and invites interested bidders to submit tenders. The intention is to equip the centre with modern facilities to lodge national teams in line with international standards. The centre is fruit of the partnership between FECAFOOT and FIFA. The structure initially set up through the Goal III FIFA Project in Cameroon will be expanded to suit the different national selections.

The official adjustments earmarked in the FECAFOOT Technical Centre include a hotel that can accommodate the Lions and the Lionesses, a refectory, administrative building, electric room and toilet block, sentry box, building A, building B, fencing and various road channels and networks. The tender will close on June 16, 2020 and the selected company will be expected to deliver in 12 months. The Odza technical centre was constructed under the former President of FECAFOOT, Iya Mohamed and under the FIFA Goal project. Since then the Odza football training centre has never been rehabilitated. The synthetic playground, the two main buildings and even the equipment in the centre are worn out. Some matches of the national football championships are being played at the FECAFOOT Training Centre in Odza in an open field without grandstands for spectators. Match officials barely have seats and tables to work and security into the stadium is absent. The Odza training centre equally hosts some national teams preparing for international competitions but under difficult conditions. The launch for tender is coming at a time when efforts have been made in the last 12 months to improve the hotel and lodging conditions of the different national selections of Cameroon. This not- withstanding, much still needs to be done to keep the centre up to required standards .



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