School Resumption : PM Instructs Education Ministers To Emphasis Protective Measures

Below is a press release after Thursday, 4 June 2020, videoconference; the weekly meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee, chaired by Joseph Dion Ngute.

“The Prime Minister, Head of Government, H.E. Joseph DION NGUTE, this Thursday, 4 June 2020, chaired by videoconference, the weekly meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee in charge of evaluating and monitoring the implementation of Government's response strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon.

Discussions during this meeting focused on the following issues:

an update on the evolution of COVID-19 in Cameroon and the measures in place to ensure the medical care of patients; an account of the progress of the resumption of classes in the different levels of education; the state of progress on the repatriation of Cameroonians still stranded abroad.

At the end of the reports presented on these various points by the competent Ministers, the following observations were made:

1. With regard to the evolution of the coronavirus in Cameroon, to date there are 6,789 cases of patients who have tested positive, among whom 4,565 have recovered. However, there have been 203 deaths, representing a case-fatality rate of 2.90% In order to increase screening capacity and improve patient management, 6 additional sampling centres have been opened in Yaounde. Health districts have also been provided with screening kits as part of the decentralization of the response. Patient care is set to improve with the going operational of the COVID-19 Specialised Patient Treatment Centre in Yassa, Douala, on 2 June 2020. That of ORCA in Yaounde will go operational in the next few days. In addition, 7 private health facilities have been approved to support the Government in the care of coronavirus patients. The Minister of Public Health - also stated that the care protocol administered to patients has been significantly improved, thanks to the recommendations of the Scientific Council.

With regard to the resumption of classes in the different Ievels of education, the Ministers of Education indicated that classes are effective since 1 June 2020 in the 10 Regions of the country. The measures taken upstream to ensure compliance with barrier gestures and the wearing of protective masks are applied by pupils, students and teachers.

With regard to the state of progress in the repatriation of Cameroonians still stranded abroad, the Minister of External Relations said that the repatriation process of the third contingent has started and will continue throughout the coming weeks.

At the end of the discussions, the Head of Government gave the following general instructions:

            -           To the Minister of Public Health, to finalise the process of commissioning the Specialized Treatment Centres for COVID-19 in our country, and intensify the ongoing screening campaign, so that those who test positive for COVID-19 can be rapidly treated.

- To Ministers of Education:

* to emphasize the respect of barrier gestures and the wearing of protective masks on school and university campuses;



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