Minister Elung Equips Kupe Muanenguba With Protective Kits

The consignment of diverse anti-covid-19 materials were handed to the beneficiaries in a ceremony that took place recently in Bangem.

The Minister, Deputy Secretary-General at the Presidency of the Republic, Paul Elung Che has heard the distress drums of his people and responded timely with a consignment of protective materials and sanitary kits to bar the way to coronavirus in Kupe Muanenguba Division. The Paul Biya stadium in Bangem was the venue for the handing over of anti-covid-19 materials consisting of 6000 face masks, 175 water receptacles with adaptable taps, 50 spraying cans, 100 cartons of soap, 300 bottles of alcohol-based solutions, 50 gallons of disinfectants and thermos flashes amongst others. The materials destined for the three sub-divisions that make up Kupe Muanenguba (Bangem, Tombel and Nguti) were handed to the administrative authorities of the Division by Minister Elung’s personal representative at the event, Valantine Mbulle (Paymaster General for the East Region).
Delivering the Minister’s message to the population, Mr. Mbulle told the beneficiaries that their illustrious son is concerned about their well-being and protection against the coronavirus which is real and a non-respecter of age and social status. The Minister’s representative who spoke in both the “Akose” and pidgin languages for a better understanding of the people, emphasised the appeal of Minister Elung to other elite to support the initiative started by President Paul Biya in assisting the people in the fight against the deadly virus. The Minister through his spokesperson also used the event to make a clarion call to his brothers and sisters still in the bushes to come out, surrender their arms and abandon the illusion in the name of a struggle. He insisted that the Kupe ‘Muanenguba house’ which has resisted the storm is still open to welcome them back home for a peaceful and harmonious division that strives for development. Meanwhile, the Minister’s message for effective school resumption was also unequivocal as his personal representative announced that he has started plans to continue supporting students and pupils in the division.
The Senior Divisional Officer for Kupe Muanenguba, Jean-Marie Tchakui Noundie while expressing gratitude to the donor for his gestation, noted that Minister Elung has done a lot for the Division. He attributed the peace that now prevails as well as school activities on-going in the Division to the efforts of the Minister. The Mayor of Bangem, Christopher Ekungwe Kang described the gesture as unprecedented and urged the population to make good use of it to bar the way to Covid-19 in the Division which is yet to record any case. 



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