Bali-Widikum : Task Force Operation Recovers Ammunitions

Armed fighters neutralized, enemy camps destroyed in a five day operation by elements of the 5th Joint Military Region .

From the look of things, the commitment of the nation's Defense and Security forces to liberate the North West region from armed fighters is evident with yet, another major field operation within a short span. The Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region , Brigadier General, Nka Valere was in Bali, Mezam division on June 16th, 2020  to size up a five-day operating during which they went hunting armed fighters in the neighborhoods of Bali, Batibo, Widikumsub divisions. On- the-spot, he was told that the "Task Force operation", destroyed some four enemy bases, neutralized some 13 fighters recovered some motorcycles, a machine gun seized from Defence and security Forces in 2018, recovered locally manufactured guns, generators, etc 

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The Commander of the 51th Infantry Brigade, Col Charles Alain Matiang led the operation on  the ground with 300 elements  from Defense and security forces   They received warm words from. Brigadier General, Nka Valere who inspired them to be professional in their  mission to give hope  and protection to people and property in the region. He warned against un professional actions on the  field and encouraged them to take care of their health first, by respecting barrier measures to stay safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

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The operation that was not helped. by challenges  of poor roads and rains took the Defense and security forces to the neighborhoods villages of Tiben, Nunbeng, Bifang, Bambeng, Besong, Ewae, Ashong, Guzang, Bali and Pinyin in Momo and Mezam Divisions 

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