Reconstruction of War-torn Regions : Consultations Begin In Buea Today

After Bamenda for the North West Region last week, Paul Tasong and team will from 29 June through 3 July, 2020, scout all sectors requiring reconstruction in the South West Region.

Beginning 2016, the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have bled out human life, witnessed a devastation of their economy, suffered cultural ruins, and agonized over the destruction of private and public infrastructure. Generalised feud has stepped in to fuel the conflict. Thorns have been planted in the path of all development efforts. Inhabitants’ livelihood remains frustrated. 
It is in this context that a national commission headed by Minister Delegate, Paul Tasong, is landing in Buea, capital of the South West Region, today. Their mission is to begin an awareness and sensitization campaign on the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the affected regions. On this score, the team will be staging field consultations to document, without fail, all that is vital to reconstruct the South West Region, rebuild confidence and harmony for a people in distress. It will however be a moment for the sinister-people to push ashore all truths so that amends could be made for its over one million inhabitants to resume their breath. 
The Tasong commission and its plan valued at FCFA 90 billion will definitely bank on people’s wishes expressed in past and present thought centred on rights-based issues to value human life, economy, education, culture, property, free movement of persons, and the general wellbeing. 
To begin with human life, pundits believe it will be worthy to do all that should foster the assurance of a new life free of fears of gunshots and kidnappings, such that persons can go about their daily life in a lease of freedom. On the economic front, the area must be made to resume their activities with necessary means like a reliable electricity supply, potable water and a tax-relaxing atmosphere. In terms of property, private and public edifices must be repaired, rebuilt and redistributed for confidence-citizenry. It is equally a demand that children should go back to school for rational nation-building generations. Sources from the South West Regional Delegation of Secondary Education already hinted in the near past that 73 schools were burnt down and 35 under siege by unknown persons. 
At basic education level in the same Region, 46 schools were burnt and 24 occupied by fighters. The question is raised here; how will a region regain growth without schooling? To talk culture, the South West has witnessed a wide range of desertion of palaces by their rightful occupants for fear of attacks. Such palaces like that of Azi-Fontem have been burnt down and would require reconstruction. Villages have been set ablaze and individual homes have been razed forcing occupants to flee to safer grounds in Littoral, West and Centre regions even beyond. A chunk of the population also crossed to neighbouring countries. This critical population has to return for the reconstruction whose bells are ringing. Confidence building will equally begin from here.



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