Urban Development : Minister Courtes meets with contractors

This was at the end of her three day working visit to Douala last Friday.

The Minister of   Housing and Urban Development – MINHDU Celestine Ketcha Courtes has expressed contentment at the level of ongoing works in Douala. Curtains drop on Friday June 26 on the minister’s three day working tour to Douala.  In effect the minister took time off to visit projects carried out by her ministry in Douala and beyond. During a working session to crown the visit, some contractors decry the delay of payment. 
For the SDO of Wouri Mboutou Benjamin, much is still to be done to make access easy into the low cost houses in Yassa while the city Mayor Roger Mbassa Ndine requested for more low cost houses in Douala. He said the priority of the Douala city council is to ensure the development of every corner of the town. Roger Mbassa Ndine expressed his readiness to work with all stakeholders towards the development of the city. On her, minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes requested contractors to hasten and deliver within the stipulated time. She gave them July 31 and December 31, latest for them to complete all projects for the 2020 fiscal year. She warned contractors who are still at 0% execution rate to sit up without which sanctions will follow sooth. 
The minister assured contractors whose money was then to be disbursed that all will be put in order to ensure that the Ministry of finance disbursed funds in the days ahead. To the projects that have been executed at 100%, the minister asked the beneficiaries to receive them officially.  The MINHDU boss also requested the general manger of the Cameroon Real Estate Corporation (SIC) to hasten up procedures to evict illegal occupants from SIC houses. She equally asked SIC authorities to improve on the security condition of SIC in neighbourhoods.



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