Yaounde Damas-Neighbourhood : Investigation Opens After Explosive Device Detonates

The population of the Capital City have been called upon not to panic but cooperate with the government for the culprits to be brought to book.

The commotion and fear that gripped the Damas neighbourhood in Yaounde on Thursday, July 2, 2020 seems to have died down. But the fear of the unknown is still felt amongst the inhabitants, after a locally-made bomb exploded at the main junction in the vicinity between 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on that fateful day wounding four people. Reports indicate that amongst the four people wounded, one is in a critical condition. 
Authorities in the locality as well as the forces of law and order immediately went to the site of the incident to restore order and security. The Divisional Officer (DO) of Yaounde III in the Mfoundi Division, Serge Hervé Biwole Sal, was amongst those who rushed to the incident site. He observed that a locally-made bomb had wounded four people. They were rushed to a nearby health centre, the DO noted. “I cannot tell you what exactly happened. But I saw that a pressure pot, placed around the Damas Junction amongst traders along the road had exploded”, Serge Hervé Biwole Sal told Cameroon Tribune. He further noted that nothing much can be said about the Damas explosion. “But that which is certain is that once there is something to say about the incident, it will be made known to the public. An investigation has been opened to know what exactly happened at the Damas neighbourhood. The most competent authority will talk about the incident after results of the investigation will be made available”, the Divisional Officer of Yaounde III explained. After the Damas incident, the Governor of the Centre Region, Naseri Paul Bea, on July 3, chaired a crisis meeting with authorities of the Centre Region to examine ways to tighten security in the region while ensuring that the population remains calm.  
The Divisional Officer of Yaounde III in the Mfoundi Division, Serge Hervé Biwole Sal told the population in his locality to be confident and should know that the government has taken all measures to ensure their security and wellbeing. He also asked the population of Damas and nearby neighbourhoods to contribute in the on-going investigation on the bomb blast. He explained that the population needs to understand that the government cannot effectively guarantee their security without their own contribution and participation. As such, the population was called upon not hesitate to inform the forces of law and order on any information they may know about the explosion incident or any other issue of security. The Divisional Officer lamented that the current explosion at Damas, in which people saw a man dropping a bag around the junction and walks away could have been avoided. But, nobody bothered about the content of the bag nor questioned the bearer of the bag. “If the population is used to questioning such actions, the said man would have been interrogated and I am sure we would not have had the explosion that occurred thereafter,” Serge Hervé Biwole Sal underscored. 



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