Faits divers : Corpse Mutilated of Organs

The mortuary attendant of the Tergal hospital in Douala is suspected of trafficking in human organs after a corpse was found mutilated of its organs in the mortuary of the hospital. The mortuary attendant is said to have wanted to put the corpse in the coffin alone and seal it under the pretext that it had decayed. But when the family insisted on seeing the corpse, they discovered that the corpse had been operated upon though the deceased didn’t die from an accident or surgical operation. Upon a closer examination, they discovered much to their dismay that the essential organs especially the heart and sexual organs had been taken off. The suspected mortuary attendant is said to lead an ostentatiously life style above the reach of a normal mortuary attendant. There was complete consternation as the family made the macabre discovery, wailing and morning for the dead anew.



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