Indiscipline, a Nightmare

Defined by the Cambridge International Dictionary as lack of obedience or control, indiscipline at its worst can be considered a kind of self-destruction or suicide. Disobedience, the Holy scriptures record, was the first sin committed by man in the garden of Eden.
Regrettably, most of the problems that today plaque our society are caused by disobedience when roles spelt out for our own good, or norms that make life worth living are not adhered to.This weakness of indiscipline is common, alarming, and worst of all has been very painful since the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus, (Covid-19). But can we dislodge this unwelcome guest to whom we are already providing a comfortable seat? Why not?
If facial masks, sanitizers, water, washing soap, and buckets were as scarce as wells in the desert, or as costly as gold, one would understand why despite sensitization in the media and instructions by President Paul Biya for citizens to prevent contamination, through personal hygiene, the appeals seem to land on deaf ears. Strange!
Asked why some compatriots were out shopping in down town Yaounde without facial masks, the response was funny, but irksome: “Laisse nous tranquille, le Corona est une maladie des vieux, les blancs et les riches » (leave us alone, Covid-19 is a disease for the old, whites and the rich).  Yet, while elderly people are more vulnerable to Covid-19, the young and the poor are not spared from contamination.
Fortunately, the creator of mankind, protects us, through natural immunisation but we must contribute to this protection by respecting the roles of personal hygiene especially this time that Covid-19 is destroying precious lives and economies of countries, at an incredible rate. 
Indiscipline affects not only our fight against Covid-19, but also other life styles that rob us of various instruments of development.
Indiscipline in the use of, cell phones, transport infrastructure, makes them death traps while misuse of mobile phones even makes things worse. Yet, the correct use of mobile phones and, taking of alcohol cannot be deadly if we are disciplined.
Other forms of indiscipline which include the use of public toilets and other utilities are many, and varied. But the challenge remains with individual citizens who should take the right steps beginning from, homes and continuing, in offices, churches, schools, and media enterprises.
In the homes, family members should be made to understand that keeping to hygiene rules is not only important for the prevention of Covid-19, but also vital to healthy living. Meanwhile, the prevention of road accidents demands discipline, not only by drivers, but also pedestrians. So does the cleanliness of our cities and towns which call for assiduous commitment of councilors, mayors, and all citizens, who ought to know that health is wealth.
Indiscipline which is a stumbling block to this health and wealth should be fought out through a disciplined lifestyle.



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