North west : Over 15 000 On Roll For End of Course Examinations

End of course GCE, CAPIEM and CAPIET examinations are on course in the NorthWest since yesterday, August,6, 2020.

The 2020 session of the end of course examinations   started in Bamenda   yesterday August 6, 2020. The region has  a total of 15,326 candidates on roll   for the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels. Secondary General Candidates are writing in 21centres meanwhile those  for theTechnical Education are writing  in 11  centres.Other examinations  on course includes the the CAPIET Technical Teachers   end of course examinations in two centres and the end of course examinations  into GTTCs in the region are writing in 7 centres.
The examinations started hitch free in Bamenda but for some absences registered. At the GBHS Bamendankwe center, the chief of Centre, Madam Awuro Estella expressed satisfaction in the conduct of the exercise. She told Cameroon Tribune that candidates, invigilators and superintendants were early to kick start the exams. She said 370 candidates for the GCE Ordinary levels were expected for the first subject but two absences were registered meanwhile all the candidates expected for the GCE Advanced Level Economics answered present.
Writing at a time when the country is battling against a  health crisis with  COVID-19 to blame, the Chief of Centre, Madam Estella  Awuro  said  measures  were in place   to ensure that candidates and invigilators   stay safe of the pandemic. Hand washing buckets and Sanitizers are prominent at the center.It should be noted that candidates featured with  facemasks while   social distancing was respected in the writing halls.



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