Annie Noël Bahounoui Batende : Rigorous Magistrate Heads Special Criminal Court

Appointed on August 10, 2020, she is the first female Magistrate to be at the helm of the structure.

The Special Criminal Court has a new President in the person of Bahounoui Batende Annie Noël. She was appointed by the President of the Republic on August 10, 2020 after a session of the Higher Judicial Council which held at the Unity Palace. 
Born on January 25, 1963 in Douala, the super-scale magistrate of group 1 is a native of Ndikinimeki, in the Mbam et Inoubou Division of the Centre Region. Her educational career indicates that she did her secondary education at the Lycée Général Leclerc in Yaounde and later studied Law in Paris, France. In 1988, she gained admission into the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM). Upon graduation in 1990 and being absorbed into the corps of judicial and legal officers, she served at Nkongsamba and later at the Ministry of Justice where she was Chief of Service for State Seals, Nationality and Name Change. 
Bahounoui Batende Annie Noël has worked at the Court of First Instance in Douala, has been President of the Court of First Instance in Mbalmayo. The super-scale magistrate was Vice-President of the Ebolowa Court of Appeal in the South Region before being appointed as Examining Magistrate at the Special Criminal Court in 2012 when the court was created. 
Remarked for bring rigorous and a person with a character of integrity, she was appointed by the President of the Republic as Vice President of the Special Criminal Court in 2017, a position she occupied till August 10, 2020 when she was appointed to the position of President of the Court. She replaces Magistrate Emmanuel Ndjèrè, called to other duties. 
The super-scale magistrate will therefore be at the helm of the Special Criminal Court (SCC), Cameroon’s institution in charge of hearing and determining matters relating to the misappropriation of public funds with the least amount being FCFA 50 billion.  



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