Douala Floods : Task Force Cogitate on Preventive Measures

This was during a meeting chaired by the governor yesterday in Douala.

The task force put in place to explore avenues to prevent floods in the city of Douala met yesterday under the chairmanship of the Governor of the Littoral Region. The meeting began with a report on the visit of the Minister of Territorial Administration and an evaluation of the reaction of the beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of the government assistance in view of forwarding the information to hierarchy. In the meantime, the Governor requested committee members to follow up on the recommendations of the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji who ordered that people living in high risk areas should be evacuated and that people should stop building houses in slumps or over drainages.
It came out from the meeting that an inventory of risk zones has been carried out following the heavy downpour of Friday august 21st which leads to floods all over the city. Other measures include the pursuance of the construction of drainages while the also constructed ones should be cleaned. According to the Douala City Mayor, Mbassa Ndine, only 50km of the 240km of drainages has been constructed and that the construction work will continue. He also called on the Douala Port Authority to drain the Wouri River as well as build the banks so as to prevent the river from overflowing its banks during rainfall.
It is worthy to mention that these measures only come to add to those already taken by government and some local councils which have embarked on demolishing houses blocking waterways and cleaning drainages so as to prevent water from getting into people’s houses during rainfall. It would be recalled that a heavy down pour on Friday august 21st, led to massive flooding in Douala in what a 10year-old pupil in the Mabanda neighbourhood was carried away by flood water. The corpse was later retrieved by elements of the army rescue unit and given to the family for burial. The flood also killed a hunter in Ngwe village and a little child in Edea. This prompted the visit of the Minister of Territorial Administration to Edea and Douala where he offered assistance to the flood victims. It was as a result of the flood that a task force was put in place to explore avenues of preventing such disasters from occurring in the future.



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