Basic Education : Holiday Classes Halted!

Schools which had started the operation have put an end to it due to instructions from the Minister of Basic Education.

August 31, 2020. It is about 11:00 a.m. Pupils could be seen playing within some classrooms of the Marie Albert Prestige Bilingual Primary School situated at the Nkolanga neighbourhood in Yaounde. Asked what pupils could be doing in school during this period, one of the teachers said, the pupils were undertaking holiday classes. The teacher however added that unfortunately they have rounded-off holiday classes since they have received instructions from hierarchy not to organise holiday classes this year within school premises. 
Holiday classes which were taking place at the Marie Albert Prestige Bilingual Primary School started three weeks ago and were supposed to end on September 11. But, because of instructions from the Minister of Basic Education, the school authority was obliged to stop the classes. At the Pi and Ju International School in Yaounde, the Director of the school, Roger Emama says they are already informed that holiday classes are forbidden. As such, all measures the school administration had taken to ensure a hitch-free holiday classes have been halted. Malthida Rene is a parent, whose son attends Pi and Ju institution. Before now, the school administration informed her of possible holiday classes organised by the institution. As time went on, Malthida says now the school administrators were no longer talking about the holiday classes. “It is of recent that I heard that there will be no more holiday classes in the school”, Malthida noted. 
The Centre Regional Delegate of Basic Education, Blaise Tsanga tells Cameroon Tribune that holiday classes are not known in the Basic Education Sector. Those who are organizing it are doing so at their own risk, he underlined.  According to Blaise Tsanga the Basic Education authorities know that children are on holidays. “If a problem happens, when they are on such classes who will be responsible?” he questioned. The Centre Regional Delegate for Basic Education says he has not received any instructions from the Minister of Basic Education as far as holiday classes are concerned. “I have told school authorities who have contacted me to organize holiday classes, that within the school calendar, there is no room for holiday classes. As the Regional Delegate of Basic Education, I am not for holiday classes, unless the Minister of Basic Education has a different opinion. I do not think holiday classes in the basic education sector are important”, Blaise Tsanga explained. 



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