Atrocities In NW, SW : Cries of Women

The Ministry of Womens Empowerment, Family in a denunciation event organised in Yaounde on September 1, 2020 joined the other women and stakeholders nationwide to condemn the gruesome killing of women.

The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family on behalf of all Cameroonian women and families during an event in Yaounde on September 1, 2020 joined the other litany of women’s associations, government, political parties and the international community to denounce the gruesome killing of women and girls in the security crisis-ridden North West and South West Regions
Minister Abena Ondoa née Obama Marie Therese in a declaration stated, “ I hereby urge all Cameroonian women and families to mobilise in order to protect life and preserve peace in our country. Together, let us say NO to the atrocities committed on that which Cameroon holds most dear, the women and children.”  She re-echoed the tip of the iceberg in the atrocities being the killing of Florence Ayafor in 2019, Mbah Treasure in Bamenda on August 4, 2020 and Sirri Comfort Tumassang in Muyuka on August 11, 2020. Minister Abena Ondoa declared that, “Cameroonian women through my voice, express sincere condolences to the families so cruelly affected and wish to reiterate their indignation at these despicable deeds.”
The gruesome killing of Florence Ayafor whose videos went viral through social media provoked the immediate denunciation reactions of mostly women’s groups and associations in the North West, South Regions and other parts of the country.  The North West and South West Women’s Task Force championed the demonstrations as has been the case since the outset of the crisis.  The murder of Sirri Comfort Tumassang whose videos also went viral was the last straw that broke the camel’s back in the new wave of denunciations.  A few days after the assassination of Comfort Tumassang, South West Women’s Groups gathered in Buea where all dressed in black and mourning attires, they staged a march from the Bongo Square to the Governor’s Office. They carried denunciation messages in placards and banners and urged government to do all to solve the security crisis in the...



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