Traditional Rulers : Nomination Mechanisms

Traditional rulers constitute one of the categories of candidates for the post of members of the Regional Councils.

When President Paul Biya signed Decree No. 2020/526 of 02 September 2020 fixing the number of Regional Councillors per Division and per category and Decree No.2020:527 of 02 September 2020 to lay down the terms and conditions for State payment of costs relating to the participation of members of the electoral colleges in the election of Regional Councillors, manoeuvres started  heightening.
Then came the decree of September 7, 2020 convening electors to the polls for the election  of Regional Councillors on Sunday, December 6, 2020. In respect of Section 243 of the Electoral Code, Regional Councillors are comprised of Delegates of Divisions elected by indirect universal suffrage by electors who are municipal councillors and representatives of traditional rulers elected by their peers.
With regard to the nomination of candidates who are representatives of traditional rulers, Senator Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan, the Secretary General of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Cameroon, told Cameroon Tribune that there is no specific mechanism for the nomination of  candidates for the representatives of traditional rulers. According to him any 1st and 2nd degree traditional ruler can run for nomination  and the 3rd degree traditional ruler can only prostitute when there is none of the above traditional rulers. In a Division with many representatives of traditional rulers, the candidates should come from all or most of the Subdivisions, he said. 
According officials of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), just as other members of the electoral college, traditional rulers before qualifying to be electors and/or candidates must first of all be registered in the general electoral registers.  Those who are qualified to vote and be voted as stated by Section 248 (2) of the Electoral Code, “Representatives of traditional rulers shall be elected by an electoral college  composed of 1st , 2nd and 3rd degree indigenous traditional rulers whose designation has been approved in accordance with the regulations in force.” Section 258 (3) of the Electoral Code provides that, “Members of the electoral college composed of representatives of traditional rulers must be domiciled within the territory of the subdivision concerned.”



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