Situation in NW/SW : Operation "Bamenda Clean" On Course

In response to regular attacks that kill and spread fear, Defense and security forces are hunting for pepetrators in Bamenda and neighbourhoods.

At press time, Bamenda is quiet.  Streets are virtually deserted while Defense and security forces are visible at some junctions and  neighbourhoods in  search of persons threatening social peace in recent times. 
It is all about the Special Operation "Bamenda clean", best captured by the press release of September 8,2020 signed by the Commanders of the 5th Joint Military and Gendarmerie Regions, Brigadier Generals, Nka Valere and Ekongwesse Divine and the Regional Delegate of National Security, Police  Commissioner, Gousmo Emile. The correspondence appeals to the population to embrace  the initiative by Defense and security forces to secure the city and neighbourhoods. 
The Defense and security Commanders stress that the Operation to  Clean Bamenda is in  response to frequent attacks  pepertrated  by terrorists and criminals , summed up in actions of kidnappings, robbery of banks and stores, looting, killing of civilians and personnel of the Defense and security forces. The actions are considered unacceptable for people who are in dire need of peace and security. It is against this backdrop that the decision of the Defense and security Comnanders urges the population to collaborate and help matters towards a return to normalcy.
From the look of things, the absence of motorcycles   on the streets of Bamenda is not unconnected to the decision of the SDO of Mezam and the Bamenda City Mayor, prohibiting personal, service and commercial motorcycles from some streets of the city. The communique of the Commanders equally advices  stakeholders of the motorcycle sector to respect the restriction on the movement of motorcycles in efforts to secure and protect people and property. Some motorcycle riders  have been blamed  for  facilitating the actions  of pepetrators of violence in the city and neighbourhoods of Bamenda.



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