Polio Eradication : Stanley Enow Rounds up Promotion Tour

He was in the Littoral and Centre Regions for three days to raise awareness on the benefits of vaccination.

Star rapper, Stanley Enow, on September 10, 2020 in the Yaounde neighbourhood of Melen 7B in Yaounde VI Subdivision, Mfoundi Division, Centre Region, concluded a three-day field tour. The visit, which took him to the Littoral and Centre Regions, was aimed at sensitising women on the need to continue to vaccinate their children against poliomyelitis. Despite the fact that Cameroon and the rest of the continent were certified free of the wild polio virus on August 25, 2020. 
“There will be no Stanley Enow today if I was never in good health,” the artiste said. “You can’t claim to love Stanley Enow without ensuring the health of your children by getting them vaccinated against polio,” he underscored. “Through women, many of us have become successful men and women today. We need to eradicate polio because it causes disability. Let us join UNICEF in supporting polio vaccination,” he pleaded. “Nursing mothers, keep spreading the news about the risks of polio,” Stanley noted.       
Also speaking at the event, the Biyem-assi Health District head, Mrs Bete Gisele, said despite Cameroon being declared free of the wild poliomyelitis virus on June 18, 2020, several cases of other types of polio virus have been discovered in the country this year. One of the cases came from the Melen 7B neighbourhood, Bete disclosed. Reason why she said the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF and government decided to hold the sensitisation there. 
“One of consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic has been fewer people going to health facilities in the country.” “This,” Bete Gisele said, “has negatively affected routine vaccination against polio.” “Come sun, come rain, our teams will go from door to door to vaccinate children against polio from September 18-20, 2020 and from October 9-11, 2020 in six regions,” Bete promised.
The Centre Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr Charlotte Moussi, noted that despite the recent wild polio certification, it was time to step up vaccination in order to retain the newly acquired status. “Children must respect routine vaccination to strengthen their immunity. There is no overdose with polio vaccination as a child can be vaccinated as many times as possible,” Dr Moussi assured. She commended UNICEF for the support given to government in the health domain.
UNICEF Cameroon Country Representative, Jacques Boyer, paid glowing tribute to health workers for combatting polio. He warned that the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic does not mean that other diseases have been killed. Rather, he urged women to get their children vaccinated the more and to start visiting health facilities.



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