Mbo Hinterland Landslide Disaster : Presidential Couple Comforts Victims

Material and financial assistance donated by President Paul Biya and wife were handed to the victims recently by the Senior Divisional Officer of Kupe Muanenguba.

President Paul Biya and wife have once again shown compassion to the distressed in times of difficulty. The people of Mbo Hinterlands in Nguti Sub-division, Kupe Muenenguba Division of the South West Region whose villages were recently stroke by floods and landslide have received financial and material assistance from the Presidential couple. The donation dispatched by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji to the Senior Divisional Officer of Kupe Muanenguba for onward handing over to the affected population comprised of liquid cash, mattresses, blankets, buckets, basic commodities like washing soap and food stuff, amongst others. 
While handing over the financial and material support from the presidential couple, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of Kupe Muanenguba, Jean-Marie Tchakui Noundie said he was sent by the Minister of Territorial Administration to comfort the populations of the Upper Nkongho Mbo and Mbeng villages of the Mbo Hinterlands who suffered a landslide disaster on August 21-22. The SDO expressed the gratitude of the people of Kupe Muanenguba to President Paul Biya stating that the affected population was in great need and that the presidential gesture came very timely to provide solace to the distressed population. He said the gesture will go a long way to alleviate the suffering of the affected population.
The handing over of the presidential gift took place in neighbouring Ngwatta, Santchou sub-division of the Menoua Division due to inaccessibility to the affected areas as roads and bridges have been destroyed by the landlide rendering it impracticable. Other dignitaries at the event were the DO of Nguti Sub-division and the two MPs of Kupe Muanenguba, notably Hon Julius Fonge who brought the plight of the Mbo Hinterland disaster victims to the fore.  It should be recalled that the landslide that occurred on the night of August 21 led to the death of four persons, destroyed over 20 homes, farms and displaced more than 160 people.



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