Bamenda Military Tribunal : Assessors Take Oath

Eight Senior Defense and security Officers swear as Assessors to help Bamenda Military Tribunal deliver Justice, on September 10, 2020.

The clock stroke 2 pm on September 10, 2020 when the Presiding Judge, Major Magistrate, Sikati Kamwo declared the Assessors good for service at the Bamenda Military Tribunal. It was on the strength of their oath taken to rise to expectation in the challenges and obligations of the assignment.  It was not before the State Prosecutor, Major Chofor Salvador prayed the Court to enrol or confirm them for service on the basis of their tried and tested experience to help matters for the advancement and delivery of justice. The State Prosecutor, Major Chofor Salvador first took time off to stress the role of Court Assessors and the functioning of the Military Tribunal before urging them to master the highly sensitive matters handled by the Court.

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Each of the eight Assessors took turns to swear to be loyal, keep Court secrets and actively participate in helping the Military Tribunal to deliver justice without fear nor favour to litigants. The Presiding Judge, Major Magistrate Sikati Kamwo, congratulated and inspired the Assessors to be responsible, because they are indispensable in rendering justice.

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It was on the strength of Presidential Decree No. 2020/422 of August 7th, 2020 appointing them as Court Assessors that the Bamenda Military Tribunal on September 10, performed the oath taking ritual. Around with the blessings of the Judiciary family and the Defense and Security administration were representatives of the North West Attorney General, the 5th Joint Military and Gendarmerie Regions, and the Representative of the Bar Council. Those endorsed for use as Assessors at the event featured, Col.Hamza Ibrahim, Majors, Kpama Martin Bertrand, Boane Victor Roce, Onana Conrad, Captains, Gatte Embolo, Gariba Walter, Hapmo Basile and Lt. Avom Etoundi Christopher.  They are expected to actively participate in Court hearings and contribute towards the delivery of justice for litigants in matters like the illegal carriage of arms, ammunition, etc, summed up in felonies.

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