Measles, Tetanus, Cough, Polio: Paediatricians Offer Free Consultations

In their 14th Congress in Buea, they underlined the need for government to assist them.

South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, has saluted strives made by some 250 paediatricians (medical doctors and nurses) to better healthcare in the community. The Cameroon Paediatric Association (CPA) was at the Muea and Bolifamba Health Centres on December 7, 2016 where they conducted free consultation and vaccination for children below five years. The vaccination was against measles, tetanus, whopping cough, poliomyelitis, rubella among others.

It was with this message of gratitude from the people of the two communities that Bernard Okalia Bilai opened the 14th Congress of Cameroon Paediatric Association in Buea on December 8, 2016 at Mountain Hotel. Over 20 institutions that manufacture children’s food exhibited their produce at the scene with explanation on usage.

Holding on the theme “Vaccination and Re-emergence Diseases”, the President of CPA, Prof. Tchokoteu Pierre Fernand, said they are guarding against two groups of emerging diseases which are infectious and non infectious. For the infectious diseases, they are checking on zika virus, ebola, hepatitis C among others while obesity, diabetes etc are for the non infectious diseases.

From December 7-10 it was equally an opportunity for younger medics to compare notes with their seniors in the profession. Dr. Fozeu Fosso Leo, one of the participants, said their goal is to enlarge immunisation in the country in order to meet the standard set by World Health Organisation.

To achieve this dream of expanding immunization programmes across Cameroon and cutting down infant mortality rate,  the Cameroon Paediatric Association pledged to mobilise all it resources in order to reinforce epidemiological monitoring system, vaccination and sustaining the achievements in the eradication of poliomyelitis.




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