North West : MIDENO Invests To Enhance Rural Development

The North West Development Authority is on the path of creating wealth with an impressive equipment pool.

39 years after leading rural development in the North West region, a new chapter is on course at the North West Development Authority, (MIDENO).  The corporation is back on many lips as the hope of rural farmers. The report card of the Agro- industry reveals that they are now on the path of creating wealth to help matters for the Gross National happiness of the population. 
MIDENO now features profitability as part of their priority actions. On-the-spot at their premises in the neighbourhood of Bamenda, the corporation sounds off with an impressive equipment pool acquired to maximize internally generated revenue to mangae its affairs. The General Manager of MIDENO, Cletus Anye Matoyah told CT recently that the ultimate goal is to ensure financial self sufficiency, defined by less dependency on State subventions and enhance community impact. Available for hiring   at MIDEN’s huge equipment pool, are bulldozers to open virgin roads, an Escavator to off root trees, a Compactor with the strength to compact even stony areas, etc. MIDENO's Project Engineer, Joseph Ayafor has revealed that their vision covers rentals of the equipment by young entrepreneurs who cannot access expensive heavy duty equipment. Part of their operational strategy envisages a heavy duty equipment garage to respond to the technolgical challenges of local farmers in the fabrication of some simple tools, repair and maintenance of equipment. The details equally reveal expectations for the equipment pool to create over 50 permanent jobs, some 250 temporal opportunities annualy.
MIDENO features an encouraging 2019/2020 progress report in the promotion of agriculture. The Board of Directors was full of praises for the Agro- industry in 2019 because they were impressed with the activities of the corporation. During the launching of the 2019 farming season MIDENO distributed 18.5 tons of improved planting maize and bean seeds to farmers amongst other farm inputs. Even though the security crisis in the region is not helping matters, the management of MIDENO showcases the commitment to continue turning full circle in efforts to emerge as a model in the agro industry. 



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