Waste plastic bottles : From Pollution to Evolution

Converting waste plastics into quality house whole furniture, fishing boats and more is fast becoming the new normal.

The disposal of plastic bottles in the Littoral region is a course for concerned as plastic bottles are littered all over the streets with posses a great danger to the environment. Putting the plastic bottles in to profitable use is the objective of “Madiba and Nature” an NGO created in 2015 with main objective to protect the environment. Madiba and Nature has placed eco bins a t strategic positioned within the capital city in a bit to clear the street of plastic bottles.  After collecting the bottles they put it in good use. 
A visit to the Madiba and Nature head office in Logpom Douala on Friday 24 of September reveals an office whose every furniture is made out of waste plastic bottles. At the entrance into the office was a fishing boat made out of plastic bottles. In a conversation with the founder of Madiba and nature, 30 year old Ismael Essome, they have a vision to make the environment a safe place to live in by picking up all the plastic bottles from the streets of Cameroon in general.  He said so far they have been doing this in the Centre, Littoral and South regions. He also made it known that after collecting the waste plastics they put it in good use by producing different articles that can be used by the population. “We use the plastic bottles to produce articles that we sell. We produce house whole furniture, door and window blinds,   fishing boats, eco-bins, flower jaws and a lot more”, Mr Ismael Essome said.
In effect, Madiba and Nature has so far produce over 50 fishing boats that are currently been used by fishermen in Kribi, and the Littoral region. Some of the boats are used for tourism and are in the municipal lake in Yaoundé.  Ismael Essome said he can take about 3 weeks to produce a set of chairs with tables which sells at CFA 250.000, and he can make a fishing boat for one week, depending on the size the price of a fishing boat cost from CFA 50.000 to CFA150.000 which makes it cheaper as compared to the normal plank boats. At the moment he has a request to make five new fishing boats.
It has not been a bed of roses for Madiba and Nature as their products are yet to be accepted by the population. “People still don’t believe in our products and articles so we do not have a market yet”. Another problem is the fact that people don’t put their plastic waste in the eco bins as some come and throw it by the side” he concluded. 



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