Ismael Essome poised to Inspire

He has over 30 young Cameroonians that he is working with to transform waste plastic bottles into good use.

Ismael Essome is a 30 year old young Cameroonian who is out to inspire the next generation in not only preserving the environment, but moving from pollution to evolution. Through his NGO “Madiba in Nature” he has placed over 150 eco-bins the towns of Yaoundé, Douala and Kribi. He has also placed eco-bins and created environmental clubs in about 15 secondary schools in the littoral region.
He said he uses the environmental clubs to sensitize the next generation on how to protect the environment and teach them how to make money from waste plastic bottles. He has organized workshops to train the younger generation on how to produce items from plastic bottles. To him, his goal is to clear the streets of plastic bottles while making value from it. He has about 30 young Cameroonians who are volunteers in the collection of plastic bottles within the town of Douala. So far he works with 11 of them in the production of different articles and items from the  plastic bottles, He produces fishing boats and ecotourism boats  that can carry about 5 persons of between 70- 95kg and about 50kg of fish. The small fishing boats can take one or two persons with about 75 kg of fish. 
To him, building eco-bins and placing on the streets for free is his own way to contribute to the protection of the environment. He said during the dry season they usually collect about one million tons of plastic bottles and in the rainy season the number moves up to 1.5 million tons each year
He uses about 600.000 plastic bottles to make a couch, and uses about 180 bottles to make a table. He explained that   he uses ropes to bind the different plastic to come out with a product they so desire. The environmental Engineer combines knowledge from school and traditional knowledge in producing the items. 



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