1st and 5th October : Authorities Mobilise To Keep The Dates Safe

These periods are preoccupying the South West Regional authorities in their quest for social peace.

A mid-day Regional administrative summit called by South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, in Buea, yesterday (29 October, 2020) has resolved to keep the coming dates of 1st and 5th October, 2020, safe and peaceful to enable a smooth school resumption. 
The former date is a day known in the past for agitations by anglophone separatists meanwhile the latter day had been set by Government for school resumption in Cameroon. School resumption became a problem in Cameroon since four years now with social media campaigning against schooling in the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon.
As key instructions from the Governor of the Region, individual services must organise relay or call duties from 30th to 6th September to keep their services flowing without any disruption. This will enable those on duty to signal any strange persons or behavior to authorities. To keep the vigilance, the Cameroon flag must float in the premises of all services and no strange cloth denoting any revolt should be noticed in the premises of any public service. For 1st October day the municipal authorities of Buea resolved to keep all businesses open, fluid transportation and a busy day like any other one. 
Subsequently, the parents will accompany their children to school and back on 5th October to ensure that school resumption is effective in the South West against the threats of “No School”. Because the public authorities are tackling insecurity and the coronavirus at a time, the good news came from the regional delegate of Secondary education that nose and mouth masks have been offered from their Ministry in Yaounde to supplement what the parents would provide for their children. The school authorities assured that physical distancing, hand washing and disinfecting will be scrupulously respected. As such, classrooms will not exceed 50 seats and that, where applicable, the various class-levels shall be extended for example from Form I “A” to even “F”. 
Given the social media threats of 1st October and non-school resumption, the administration in the South West is leaving no stone unturned to protect the population.



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