Yaounde Central Hospital: Details About The Missing Baby

Authorities at the hospital say the poor interpretation of the echography is the cause of the unfortunate situation.


“No baby has been stolen from the Yaounde Central Hospital. The echography was poorly interpreted and the pregnancy was seen as a set of twin babies. Meanwhile, it was a single baby.  At times we can do a scan and during a surgical session we discover something else. A scan is an image which is interpreted by somebody and that person is not God to know everything.” This is a statement from the Director of the Yaounde Central Hospital, Professor Pierre Joseph Fouda with regards to the recent media report about a woman who claims she was pregnant with twins and after a surgical section, only one baby was presented to her. The lady gave birth on October 2, 2020 at the Yaounde Central Hospital.

Media reports indicate that the couple has filed a complaint at the Gendarmerie against the Yaounde Central hospital. Prof. Fouda says he cannot intercept the legal procedure the couple has taken against the hospital. But that the hospital will file against the couple for defamation. The Director of the Yaounde Central Hospital reveals that there is an audio record of the lady in question after the C-section in which she confirms that during the surgery, she was awake and followed up everything that went on at the surgical block. In the audio record, the lady, just like personnel of the hospital was surprised to realize that only one baby was removed from her womb instead of two as they had all expected. The lady testified to her husband what happened at the surgical ward. Prof. Fouda said unlike normal, family members of the lady were called into the surgical ward to be eye witnesses of the unusual situation. The family also had a meeting with the medical counselor of the hospital. This was to enable everybody understand the situation that had just occurred at the surgical ward and also to avoid problems that could arise later.

The hospital authority is surprised with what the family is recounting on various TV platforms. Professor Fouda said one thing is certain, people could detest him, but people should not destroy the hospital. He explained that in a year some 4,000 women put to birth at the Yaounde Central Hospital amongst whom 1,000 undergoing surgical sections. The Director lamented that when people start recounting such stories about the hospital, others will not like to come and deliver their babies at the hospital for fear of the risks these babies could be exposed to. The hospital is meant to receive all pregnant women, especially those in difficulties. The Director further said, there is no possibility to steal a child at the hospital given all the security measures put in place. At the surgical ward, there are six people involved. He added that to even leave with a baby from the hospital is a complicated process given the strict measures put in place by the hospital administration.



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