North West: Donga Mantung Scholarship Re-ignites Enthusiasm

FCFA 18 million Donga Matung scholarship Fund promoted by Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry, mobilises communities for course of education.

Phase III of the Donga Matung scholarship Fund (DOMASF) is on course with beneficiary pupils, students, needy and communities sounding off about the initiative which has helped matters for schools resumption and effective teaching and learning in many schools and colleges of the division. It is all about FCFA 18 million made available by an illustrious son of Donga Matung; Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry to give a new lease of life to education following the considerable slow in the sector, blame on the ongoing socio-political and security crisis. Launched in August 2019, the scholarship Fund is to thank for encouraging the massive return to schools of pupils and students in Donga Mantung.

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A team delivering the scholarships and didactic materials to meritorious and needy beneficiaries criss-crossed Misaje, Ako and Ndu Sub Divisions recently with messages and actions that inspire hope for the future of education in the division. In effect; the team led by the Divisional Delegate of Secondary Education; Tarlishi Oliver Yinyu was in Misaje on October 7 , 2020 where nine students and three pupils received scholarships for excelling in the 2020 session of end-of-course examinations in the FSLC, CAP, GCE examinations.  Beneficiaries each took home cash, ranging from FCFA 25,000 to 150,000.

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Elsewhere, in Ako subdivision some16 pupils jumped for joy with rewards. It was a rare moment to impact Education. The D.O, Mbingno Abraham and Mayor, Nkanya Nkwai Godlove were around with the blessings of the administration and the community. Meanwhile; beneficiaries from Nkambe, Ndu and Nwa subdivisions were served at G.S Ntumbaw on October 9, 2020. On-the-spot, some 40 students and 100 pupils stepped forward for recognition and encouragement for hard work. The SDO of Donga Matung Division, Nkwenti Simon was in the chair when the goodness of education was stressed. The event also featured didactic materials to needy IDP pupils and students.

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Stakeholders in Donga Matung have hailed the scholarship Fund for impacting with over 1,000 pupils and students as beneficiaries. The initiative also featured funds to sensitize parents and some 38 PTAs equally received support to recruit teachers. It is all about boosting the resource base of the division with Dr.Fuh Calistus Gentry leading the crusade for education without tears.

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