Higher Education: Classes Effectively Begin Today

Over 400,000 students are said to be concerned and e-learning will be optimised during the course of the year.

State and private universities nationwide today begin lessons for the 2010/2021 academic year. The Ministry of Higher Education as well as the different universities have taken measures to ensure that the school year is hitch-free amidst the health crisis, which is creating an unprecedented change in the national and international university systems.

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Various public and private academic institutions in the country will be opening their different amphitheatres, after a long period of interruption of classes imposed by the Covid-19. The Minister of Higher Education recently chaired a meeting with Vice-Chancellors and Rectors of State Universities, the Inter-States Congo-Cameroon University, and the promoters of private higher education institutes. During that meeting, the different parties examined the academic, digital, financial, infrastructural, and socio-cultural aspects in the University milieu.

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