Third COMIFAC Heads of State Summit: Partnership Facilitator, MINFOF Lay Groundwork

The next Central African Forest Commission Heads of State summit is expected to hold in the near future.

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Jules Doret Ndongo, on Monday, October 19, 2020 in Yaounde held discussions with Hon. Dr Christian Ruck, Facilitator for the Congo Basin Forest Partnership, PFBC. The meeting was in prelude to the Central African Forest Commission, COMIFAC Conference of Forestry Ministers’ Steering Committee meeting to hold in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC from December 8-11, 2020. Minister Ndongo is the current COMIFAC Conference of Forestry Ministers’ Steering Committee Chair.

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Jules Doret Ndongo told the media that they discussed relations between COMIFAC and the Congo Basin Forest Partnership. «The partnership enables us to secure technical and financial support for our activities. » The meeting handled the forthcoming COMIFAC Third Heads of State Summit expected to hold in the Democratic Republic of Congo at a date yet to be fixed. «The Facilitator is ready to offer us technical and financial support to organise these meetings », the Minister assured.

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According to him, the COMIFAC Conference of Forestry Ministers seeks to raise the voice of the sub-region concerning the conservation of Congo Basin forests. «Forests are important in mitigating the effects of climate change. Our Heads of State in 1989 stated that we must count on the forest economy to ensure improvements in the living standards of our people - not just for those living in and around these forests - but the population in general », Minister Ndongo noted.

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Hon. Dr Christian Ruck said they were working on a roadmap for the PFBC partnership and COMIFAC. «There is much work to do. We will meet in Kinshasa next December to prepare big international conferences in 2021. These are the climate, biodiversity and forest summits, whose decisions will influence the development of Congo Basin forests, » Ruck said. «Our big task and effort must be to negotiate a fair balance between the world and the globe’s second biggest tropical rain forest - Congo Basin Forests - and also reconcile development and conservation. The objective is to ensure the functionality of the world’s second largest tropical rain forest and assure the development of Congo Basin countries and people. This is not easy, but the alternative will be destruction. We have a long way to go together and we will do it », Hon. Dr Christian Ruck assured.

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