A revolution no matter how justified its root causes are, loses its credibility when it embraces destruction in all forms and at all levels. Worse, if it compromises the future by undermining the importance of youth and education.

It is unfortunate that at a time when Cameroonians having regretted the misdeeds perpetrated by separatists and are beginning to rekindle hopes through the laudable changes that have been noticed as the new school year starts, sadists have again in the name of separation ventured to a school in Kumba and eliminated the lives of innocent children in a classroom. What a shame! What a cruel act effected on human beings by fellow Cameroonians!          
Yet, a political vesture pursued in a revolutionary mode does not call for the kind of senseless killings Cameroon West of the Mungo has suffered in the last four years: Children out of school against their will, traditional authorities out of their royal palaces, thousands displaced internally and externally as a results of a crisis that Government had already proven that the problems that triggered the crisis are being handled urgently and prudently.

Did separatists have to wait for teachers and Common law lawyers to go on strike before they think of secession and creation of a Ambazonia? And, if at last the dream became a reality, would the new state exist without educated youths, viable infrastructure and elements of effective cooperation? To be honest, mature citizens of this country should have by today realized that the trend of affairs since 2016 have proven that the Government of Cameroon is willing, and has already made much efforts to weather the storms. While working as a nation, it is expedient to always bear in mind that African nations from the dehumanizing era of Slave Trade and Colonisation, to the struggle for independence which came with its own disillusionments, errors made are always corrected. The results turn out to be positive if citizens having taken stock of the chapter of political accidents through which their nations have passed, embrace a patriotic trend and redress the disturbing political situation.        
What has been happening in our country since 2016 is enough for us to ask ourselves if we still fear God, love ourselves, and this great triangle of ours which was once a colonial territory of Germany until the World War ushered in the political changes, but today is a single nation that deserves peace and progress.   
Enough is enough! We must stop these senseless killings and focus on tolerance, forgiveness, love and patriotism without which, we will keep destroying our kindred at a time when nations are uniting their minds and energy to forge ahead.    
The gruesome killing of seven innocent children at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy demands the condemnation of not only the peace-loving people of Cameron, but also the international community in dire need of peace and effective cooperation. We must cooperate to stall this calamitous trend in Cameroon, West of Mungo.




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