Heightened Vigilance!

The sometimes unbridled quest for financial gains by many citizens has pushed a good number of them into deadly traps. Stories of Cameroonians madly rushing to place hard-earned income or even borrowed money somewhere or into something against promises of whopping returns, often at short notice, appear to be recurrent. 
Riches are good; no doubt, but not at all cost at least! Owing to the fact that man is almost tempted in areas of  his/her desires, the gullible citizens have at the other end conmen in affluent appearances and  enticing words who would not hesitate to sweet-talk the individuals desperate for riches into how they can do so without sweating. And this is how financial investments and cryptocurrency structures and individuals are eating deep into the country sweeping through as they move from one region and individual to the other. 
It is but logical that by human nature, man always plans for rainy days. In fact, common knowledge teaches that any responsible individual has to plan and keep aside some amount of money for any unavoidable circumstance which might arise. And financial investment which entails putting aside a fixed amount of money and expecting some kind of gain out of it within a stipulated time frame is increasingly being embraced by Cameroonians.
The same holds for cryptocurrency which is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.
What is rather deplorable here is the ease with which some individuals embrace most of these so-called ‘investment opportunities’ simply from their mouth-watery promises without bothering to check, cross-check and even double-check their authenticity. News that some 14 of such structures in Cameroon are functioning in illegality with savings of citizens is just one of the troubles Cameroonians go through in some of their get-rich-quick endeavours.  For instance, just two weeks ago, over 1,000 people were affected by an unexpected closure of a micro-finance structure in Douala owned by such unscrupulous people. 
Disappearing with the money is even the easiest thing to do. Keen observers of the goings-on in the country can recall what befell those who embraced the unpopular Mida affair a few years ago. People who saw themselves billionaires overnight watched helplessly how their hard-earned and even borrowed money vanished into thin air.  In fact, telling you to put, let’s say FCFA one million and harvest seven times more than that amount in three to six months, sounds too good to be true. But then, this is how the conmen pick naïve citizens. 
There is therefore absolute need for the population to show proof of vigilance in the face of the escalating dubious activities of some financial investments and cryptocurrency structures in the country. But even more, the powers that be have to equally watch over the population and reduce to the barest minimum the unenviable ‘administrative tolerance’ that has led to the surge of this and other vices in the country. 



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