Coco Argentée ft Ko-C : Effervescent Hit

Both singers recently released a single titled “Caleçon” which already has over one million views on YouTube.

The Cameroonian music landscape is currently vibrating following the release of “Caleçon”, a joint initiative of singer, Ko-C and Bikutsi goddess, Coco Argentée.  “Caleçon” released barely two weeks ago has been able to tap over one million views for itself on YouTube. Its melody is equally in the mouths of most Cameroonians. The choreography matches the rhythms and the dress code is a serious plus to the success of the video.  The music lyrics narrate the story of a married woman who denies ever having a sexual relationship with another man out of her marriage even though the man has evidence to that effect. Ko-C questions what Coco Argentée’s underwear and trousers were doing in his house if the duo were not having a sexual relationship. However, Coco Argentée categorically refuses the allegation stating that those are not her belongings. She says the trouser and the underwear do not fit her body size. 

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The music video opens in a courtroom with a judge, Ko-C, Coco Argentée and her husband. The judge asks if both of them had had a sexual relationship but Coco Argentée still refuses. “Who has this underwear,” Ko-C asks while brandishing it in court. The dispute between the three forges on. 

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Asked of the message behind “Calecon”, Ko-C says it is a call for men to show more love to their spouses rather than spoiling them with money. “You should take care of your wife.  Giving her money is not enough.  Always find time to give her emotional and physical support so that she is not tempted to cheat on you”. As for the feedback, Ko-C says, “it is very positive and I keep thanking my fans every day because we were at one million views in 10 days. Thanks to all my fans supporting and encouraging my music, I truly love them.” Talking of where the inspiration came from, Ko-C says he tapped from a renowned musician who sang a lot about “Caleçon” The choice of Coco Argentée, the artist says, “is because I wanted a Bikutsi vibe and she is excellent in that department and supported me throughout the project”.

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