South West Chiefs Afield To Pick Votes

Unlike political party campaigners, the traditional rulers will only meet peers of their separate electoral college to canvass for their support.

The task appears relatively easier with the custodians of customs and traditions who will be going down to seek for votes that should lead them to the House of chiefs in the case of Anglophone Cameroon.  It is easier because they have to meet only those on thrones like them. They will not go to the streets to stoop low to their subjects for votes. The law, too, has helped out things by classifying the chiefs by order of preference that is to say if there is a First Class, if not, then Second Class and only where absolutely necessary can a Third Class contend. 
Many more Third Class chiefs will enter the dance thanks to the good number accorded the Region say 20 seats. In the South West Region there are six First Class chiefs notably, the throne of Mamfe (Manyu Division), the throne of Buea and the throne of Limbe (formerly Victoria) (Fako Division), the throne of Fontem Lebang and the throne of Bamumbu (Lebialem Division), and the throne of Kumba Bafaw (Meme Division).  
But for incompatibility or if any of them is not holding another incompatible position, then they may be sure to seat in the Regional House. Meanwhile, the rest of the seats will be shifted to Second and Third Class chiefs where applicable to attain the pinnacle number of 20 required to seat in the Regional House. Here in Anglophone Cameroon, the chiefs will form a House similar to the Senate in the Yaounde Parliament.
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