Public Places : Governor Prohibits Bags

The measure seeks to reinforce security in the economic capital within a context of rising insecurity.

The Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua, on November 20th signed a communique prohibiting the carrying of bags into bars, restaurants or super markets. According to the communiqué, the measure is to ensure the security of people and property in public places with a high concentration of people. The decision comes of the heels of a similar one taken by the Governor of the Centre Region after a spade of artisanal bomb explosions in Yaounde and has been prompted by a recent bomb explosion in the Bonaberi neighbourhood in Douala. While prohibiting bags in public places, the Governor also called for vigilance on the part of the population calling on them to report any suspected abandoned bag to the authorities of security forces.

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It would be recalled that on the night of November 18 breaking November 19, an artisanal bomb exploded in Douala injuring two people suspected to be the bomb carriers. One lost a leg and the other the two eyes and were rushed to the military hospital in Bonanjo for treatment and further investigations. According to security sources, there was a second bomb which was deactivated by the forces of law and order. The explosion created panic among the inhabitants of the neighbourhood though no one has accepted responsibility for the bomb explosion or the reason for doing so. However people suspect the bombings to be the handiwork of separatist fighters who have made incursions into certain parts of the Littoral Region in the past.

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It is worthy to note that Douala has been hit by a recent wave of insecurity prompting the association of Douala chiefs to issue a communique condemning the rising insecurity in the city. First was the phenomenon of “cartels’ with young men pretending to be doing sports and assaulting people and making away with their belongings. Then came the phenomenon of ‘microbes’ made of teenagers who brazenly attacked people in broad day light to extort valuables.

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