Fight Against Food Insecurity : Gardening Project Launched

The project that will take place in the Douala-Buea peri-urban areas was launched in Douala on Friday November 27, 2020.

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Ensuring food security has been one of the preoccupations of the Cameroon Government. This is evident in the different projects by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. One of such project is the “Project to support market gardening in the peri-urban areas of Douala and Buea” which was launched in Douala on November 27, 2020 by Minister Mbairobe Gabriel.

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The project is aimed at contributing to the development of a more suitable and efficient system that will improve on the food and nutrition security in the Buea and Douala areas. It will also enable household in these towns and their surroundings to have sufficient supply of a variety of fresh garden products that meet minimum hygiene and nutritional quality standards in urban markets.

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While launching the project in Douala, Minister Mbairobe said government is more determined to eradicate hunger, improve on the nutrition of Cameroonians and promote sustainable agriculture. He said his ministry is out to make agriculture more productive, both quantitatively and qualitatively, so as to ensure food security in Cameroon.

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Minister Mbairobe sounded off that the project to support market gardening in the peri-urban areas of Douala and Buea is necessary to promote more context food and agricultural systems. While adding that market gardening is the labour intensive production of a variety of short cycles and high value crops, with very high yields potentials per unit time and per unit area of soil. Market gardening products like fruits and vegetables, he went on, are complementary foods vital for strengthening the immune system. Thus, it was necessary to boost market gardening since it has huge potentials and largely contributes to food and nutrition security, as well as promotes economic growth and job creation in peri urban and rural areas, especially for young people and women. The Minister used the opportunity to thank the Food and Agricultural Organization-FAO for sponsoring the project.

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On his part, the representative of FAO, Dr. Athman Mravili, said the choice of Buea is as a result of the ongoing crisis and Douala was chosen because it is one of those areas that harbors most of the internally displaced persons. He said the project will provide fresh food to the two localities as well as provide jobs for some of the internally displaced persons there.

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