Calls For Disruption Of Public Order: Northern Traditional Rulers, Political Leaders, Youth, Disssociate Themselves

Elders and youth from the Far North, North and Adamawa Regions issued the statements in Maroua on Sunday, November 29, 2020 following a meeting with Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration.

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Opinion leaders from the Far North, North and Adamawa Regions have committed to turn a deaf ear to all attempts to disrupt public order, divide Cameroonians and induce them into tribal squabbles. Traditional rulers, politicians and youth from the three Northern Regions made their stance clear in two separate statements read in the Maroua City Hall on Sunday, November 29, 2020 after meeting Paul Atanga Nji, the Minister of Territorial Administration.

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Speaking on behalf of the youth, Mohammadou Billal, said they were against calls by a certain movement "with no support amongst the people." He said such action "threatened peaceful coexistence and harmony amongst Cameroonians, which must be defended." Billal noted that Northern youth knew how to peacefully seek solutions to their challenges, expressing appreciation to President Paul Biya for the Emergency Reconstruction Plan for the Far North Region that was put up after years of Boko Haram destruction. "The State of Cameroon will protect our interests and not any other group," Mohammadou Billal concluded.

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Speaking earlier for traditional chiefs and political leaders, the Mayor of Maroua, Dr Sali Babani, said people of the three Northern Regions were "distancing themselves from any action by a current movement or any other in future that seeks to disrupt public peace, pit Cameroonians against each other and create tribal discord."

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