Communication : FCFA 4.618 Billion To Improve Information Offer

Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi presented the draft budget of the Ministry in the Committee on Finance and Budget of the National Assembly on December 2, 2020.

The draft budget of the Ministry of Communication for the 2021 financial year stands at FCFA 4.618 billion with the operating budget being FCFA 2.918 billion and the investment budget being FCFA 1.700 billion. Minister René Emmanuel Sadi defended the draft budget in the presence of the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Relations with the Assemblies, Wakata Bolvine, among other cabinet ministers.
The draft budget of the Ministry of Communication, according to the Minister, will serve to finance certain activities relating to the African Nations Championship (CHAN), Africa Cup of Nations Competition (AFCON) 2022 as well as for the construction, repairs and acquisitions, both in the central services and in the devolved and external service.
The budget will cover two programmes. One of the programmes known as the “Operational Programme” is entitled “Improving of the offer of and access to information.”  The major actions to be carried out under this programme include: revitalization of public and private communication, contribution to private media development, development of modern infrastructure of information and communication, and promotion of Cameroon’s image.
Under the programme defined as “support programme” entitled. “Governance and institutional support   of the communication subsector,” the Ministry has ten different actions. The actions are: the coordination and follow up of the Ministry of Communication services activities, strategic study and planning, financial and budgetary management, improvement of the working framework and development of statistical information system. There is also the development of human resources, ICT development, legal consultation, communication and public relations and structuring and developing of new communication partnerships.



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