Wildfires Hit France, Portugal

The French city of Marseille and Funchal, capital of Portuguese Island of Madeira  have been  attacked.


The French and Portuguese governments are struggling to put out the wildfires and manage the disastrous effects of the fires that have been razing places around the French city of Marseille and Funchal in the Portuguese Island of Madeira, BBC reported.

The wildfire in Marseille, southern France is burning homes and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents, BBC said. Reports say, more than 1,500 firefighters are tackling the blazes which sprang up in scrubland north of the city. The Deputy Mayor of Marseille, Julien Ruas  is cited as saying that  firebreaks had been created to protect northern neighbourhoods.

Officials have been cited as stating that  homes had been destroyed in the towns of Vitrolles, about 25km north of Marseille, and nearby Pennes-Mirabeau. Hundreds of residents have been evacuated. Marseille airport is also said to have redirected incoming flights to make way for firefighting aircraft. "The situ...



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